Joining Rhombuses

My biggest work so far has been my degree collection which is quite obvious, as I just graduated a year ago. I built a whole working chandelier with two functions, all the elements – except the frame – were wearable on the body. The upper part of the chandelier worked as a dress and I had to figure out a relatively flexible material that is able to follow women’s curves, but still rigid enough to hold itself as a hanging light. To achieve these, I joined many perspex rhombus shapes with leather strings and aluminium crimps.

That time I cut extras of all the rhombus sizes as it was hard to estimate how many I would need in the end. Anyway, I had ended up with a box of leftover rhombus shapes and I turned them into 5 necklaces and a bag. For the necklaces I added some mirror details and black zirconias, for the bag I sewed a dotted leather base with zips.

See more images of the ready pieces at the album!



I was asked to make a simple version of Simia Mineralis 2 by 2 necklace which is more comfortable to wear every day. The original piece was part of Ada Zanditon’s AW12/13 jewellery collection, the second image is a crop from her previous look book.

For the casual version I left out most of the metal details, replaced the chain with a lighter one, but kept all the core features.




Underwater Jewellery

I was asked to lend a necklace for an underwater shoot. I hadn’t really had any pieces without water sensitive components. However, I’m not the person who cannot solve a problem like this within a day. When I had the big panels for my chandelier laser cut, in the end I collected all the spilt bits. I used those for my waterproof jewellery, also added some aluminium details and chain what was left over from a previous project. I made two necklaces – a short and a long one – and really enjoyed working with them. I like these spontaneous works, they are liberating and very playful.


Finally the long necklace was picked…

Photos were taken by Emilia Valerio, styling was done by Leila Ali, makeup by Sylvia Sylwestra and the model was Hayley Oxlade.

More pictures from the same photo shoot could be found at Leila’s portfolio.

Jewellery to Ireland

I’m just waiting for the delivery person who will pick up a box from me full of jewellery and taking it to Galway, Ireland. Ethical boutique, Sirona ordered a nice selection from the Simia Mineralis collection.

I took some workshop photos earlier of different working phases, like sorting out the elements for the big round pendants…

…or treating the metal bits with a special liquid that protects them from oxidation…

…and finally of the finished pieces before packaging.

I hope they will arrive safely and Irish ladies will enjoy wearing them!


Bracelet on Album Cover

British singer and model Alexandra Burke is wearing the Simia Mineralis bracelet on her new single’s cover!

The bracelet has two variations, a bigger show piece with perfect square shapes and a production version which is smaller and more comfortable for every day wear.

Both were made of off cut walnut sheets, leather and brass and painted with organic paint.

Earrings to Japan

Ada Zanditon jewellery line got a new stockist in Japan, Ear Papillonner!

We made 26 pairs of earrings from the latest main collection, Simia Mineralis. The earrings were made of walnut and walnut laminate, all offcuts from Unto This Last furniture studio and left over leather bits from Ada’s studio. One earring weights only 3.5g and they got gold filled studs, easy to wear them even with sensitive ears.

Incredibly fagille laminate parts were being cut and etched by laser…


Jewellery with Mirrors in Life Magazine

Some of my pieces were taken for a gold and silver themed fashion shoot for Marylebone Life Magazine. I exhibited these jewellery and the rhombus dress earlier in Munich.

Now you can see them at pages 30, 31 and 34! The photos were taken by Lottie Anderson and styled by Rachel Gold. I took some close ups of the same jewellery.

The golden bracelet and ring made of gold plated brass and mirror perspex, I also used offcut leather for the wrist band and studs. The idea for these pieces was placing little half shapes on a mirror so the full design is realised only in the reflection.

I made silver plated versions as well, like square earrings and ring. They completed my rhombus dress from Chandelier Collection pretty well.

I had lots of extra rhombus shapes left after finishing my degree collection. I’ve started to use them for neck pieces. There are also bits left for a bag, which is work in progress at the moment.




Set with Pearls

I was asked to make a 3-piece set – necklace, bracelet, earrings – for a lovely lady who was kind enough to read through my incredibly boring dissertation and fix my clumsy english grammar a year ago when I was finishing uni.

I was told she preferred to wear simple shaped, white jewellery and her wish was a new set with pearls.

They are made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls. See more photos of them in the album.

It is always a pleasure to make individual jewellery with all the freedom and trust.

Dear Debbie, enjoy wearing them!

Tree Branches and Eco Resin

Radio and TV presenter Jo Whiley recently did an interview with my fellow designer Ada Zanditon. Have a look at the short film below where Ada is talking about our jewellery and showing a little brooch which was made of a very special material, eco resin!
We used this kind of plastic for our second, tree branch-shaped jewellery collection, called Echolocation. It’s a layered sheet with foil between which gives it a luminescent effect. It is also softer than perspex and melts easily which made the cutting process a bit difficult. On the other hand it looks great, very light and sustainable.
After the first batch, we had some left overs, like test shapes we didn’t use or pieces which came out with a little damage from the cutting machine. I gathered these shiny bits up and knocked together some new, more symmetric necklaces and brooches.
Have a look of them in the album! I was barely able to take acceptable photos of them because of their changing colour.
Back to Ada’s inteview, there were a few scenes shown from her SS12 Poseisus Film. Here it is below, with all the black jewellery from the “seahorse” collection! ( I made the pink bits later…)