Tree Branches and Eco Resin

Radio and TV presenter Jo Whiley recently did an interview with my fellow designer Ada Zanditon. Have a look at the short film below where Ada is talking about our jewellery and showing a little brooch which was made of a very special material, eco resin!
We used this kind of plastic for our second, tree branch-shaped jewellery collection, called Echolocation. It’s a layered sheet with foil between which gives it a luminescent effect. It is also softer than perspex and melts easily which made the cutting process a bit difficult. On the other hand it looks great, very light and sustainable.
After the first batch, we had some left overs, like test shapes we didn’t use or pieces which came out with a little damage from the cutting machine. I gathered these shiny bits up and knocked together some new, more symmetric necklaces and brooches.
Have a look of them in the album! I was barely able to take acceptable photos of them because of their changing colour.
Back to Ada’s inteview, there were a few scenes shown from her SS12 Poseisus Film. Here it is below, with all the black jewellery from the “seahorse” collection! ( I made the pink bits later…)

Double Recycling

For the first jewellery collection I did with Ada we used a very interesting material from Smile Plastics. It was recycled polycarbonate with shredded bank notes in it, perfect choice for the threatened bee themed collection. Years later we still had some unused cut shapes and I decided to make new pieces – mostly necklaces – which were smaller and more comfortable. I also added extra copper details.

You can see all of them in the album!

I’m always very happy when great people enjoy wearing my jewellery. My friend, musician and sound artist Sebastian Bartz / Venice Calypso / was wearing one of the remixed necklaces during his gig at Club Cool – Hysteria.

Photos were taken by Billa Baldwin.

Jewellery for ASOS

Me and Ada delievered a four-piece jewellery collection for ASOS, including short and long necklaces, bracelet and ring. All of them were hand crafted, made of off cut beech wood, copper and painted with eco friendly paints and varnish. They are light and comfortable summer accessories of ASOS Africa green line.

Have a look at the jewellery at ASOS’ site!

I took some workshop photos when I got ready with them.