Exhibited in Munich

I’m a resident artist at London Metropolitan Uni. Nine of us – jewellers and product designers - had been invited to display our work at 84 Ghz art gallery in Munich during Schmuck and Handwerksmesse 2012. As being artists in residence we decided to use AinR for the title of our exhibition and we all derived our personal interpretations of these initials. Mine was “Angles in Reflection” and I worked with geometric shapes ( as usual) and reflection.

I exhibited the rhombus dress from my chandelier collection, also made new neckpieces used some leftover rhombus cuts and I created a whole new collection of smaller metal pieces, including two pairs of earrings, two bracelets, two rings and two brooches. My concept was to put 3D geometric patterns on reflective surfaces and use their mirrored image to complete themselves to a new geometric shape. Our group has a website, I uploaded my official statement there. There are also all the works of everyone including bios and contacts.

Little geometric grids – all hand sawed – before bending:


Round brooch, work in progress:

…melancholic face by Picasso.

At 14th of March few of us joined a catwalk show at Maximilians Forum with jewellery pieces. I sent my rhombus dress and the it was chosen to be the last piece of the show, which was a great honor. I was very happy with my model as well. She was tall and powerful, looked great on the stage.

Photos were taken by Michael Wladarsch from 84 GHz.

We opened the exhibition next day in the 15th and it was on until the 18th.


I had an amazing time in Munich! I can’t be grateful enough to Dr Sylvia Katzwinkel from 84 GHz for taking care of everything around us. My parents from Hungary came to see me, I met old friends from all around the world and made lots of new friendships, enjoyed great food and beer, even the weather was perfect. Looking forward to visit again!

Big thanks to the best gem setter I know, Melinda Tajthy for helping me out before the show and drilling me super precise settings!