Tigers are beautiful creatures! They have inspired our latest spring-summer collection with Ada, as well as the impressive uniforms and accessories of the British Indian army of the early 20th century. Following these inspirations, this collection became warmer coloured and softer than the previous ones and features new elements like medals, pins and panjas.

These pieces are made of cherry wood painted with eco friendly paints, having brass details with off cut leather and silk from Ada’s studio.

Find more pictures in the Tigress Reign album!

Also have a look at Tigress Reign video! It was shot in Cyprus and a truly entertaining fusion of Tarantino and Bollywood.

Director - Thomas Knights, styling - Alexis Knox, makeup – Mika Johnson of Illamasqua, hair - Christian Landon, music - Sebastian Bartz, actresses - Summer Rayne Oakes and Yrsa Daley

The film was sponsored by Easy Jet Holidays.



My new jewellery for Ada Zanditon will be on display at Somerset House, BFC Estethica –  West Wing Showrooms alongside her beautiful Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Tigress Reign!

I’m showing a collection of 21 pieces including necklaces, rings, knuckle ring, earrings, brooches and hat pins! All made of eco friendly materials with recycled details and tigers. Photos are coming soon!